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We have 20+ears experience serving South Florida. Broedell Landscape is licensed and fully insured.

Broedell Commercial and HOA Landscaping $Free Estimates

Broedell Commercial and HOA landscaping in Palm Beach County's commercial and residential lawn care professionals has 20+ years of experience serving South Florida. Broedell Landscape is licensed and fully insured.

Sprinkler Systems $Free Estimates

A well designed sprinkler irrigation system can adhere to the different watering requirements of various plants as well as the micro-climates found within your landscape including the foundation of your homes investment.

Commercial Debris Removal $ Free Estimates

Life has messes, so we clean up your property, services like to restore the property. Clean up lawns or property with an overgrown lawn and flower beds, clean up after construction, or mother nature's bad storms like hurricanes or strange accidents.

Sod Installation $ Free Estimates

Broedell Landscape takes pride in our SOD and Installations, we have been laying SOD in the Palm Beaches for 18 years. No job is too large or too small.

Pest Control Lawn Maintenance $ Free Estimates

Pest Control is part of the maintenance plans for bugs, ants, spiders control is needed. We will maintain at the level needed for your property. It's all part of Broedell Full Service Maintenance plans.

Fertilizer & Weed Control $ Free Estimates

Broedell Landscape provides professional fire ant prevention, weed control, fungus and insect treatment with prevention, shrub care, tree care, seasonal flowers, planting, seeding services.

Broedell’s Commercial and HOA Landscaping

Broedell’s Commercial and HOA Landscaping Design Company in West Palm Beach, Florida will help improve curb appeal without necessarily messing up your budget. For instance, the right use of color and leaf textures in your front lawn beds sorrowing your house will change the whole picture. We know Florida landscapes and how to make yours exceptional.

Professional Must-Have for Landscape Curb Appeal that You Will Love.

 Broedell landscaping company designs a xeriscape or a lush waterfall to enhance any outdoor room. Improve landscaping plants trees, bushes, lighted walkways. A well-manicured lawn which will add value to your property should you decide to put it up on the market. Buyers put a lot of stock on the well-manicured finishing touches of the property to maximize the curb appeal year-round.

Professional Commercial and HOA Landscape Design

Professional Commercial and HOA landscaping treesLandscaping is essentially maximizing the use of the commercial land or the properties where business centers nestled. An appealing curb is a major selling point for a commercial building. Just pruning the trees or putting flower beds on the front will do wonders for the value of your business. In some neighborhoods, hiring professional landscapers is a must, according to the agreement you will sign with the homeowner’s association. Homeowner’s association lawn care is one such option that we offer where we go over and beyond the minimal requirements set by the HOA.

Beautifying Business Centers in West Palm Beach, Florida

When you think of offices on commercial property, the first thought that comes to mind is those concrete exterior building. Until you take a closer look at the landscape that softens the structure.The organic leaves are alive, and the building is the canvas to the beautiful trees and hedges with sprinkles of beautiful color to show off the beauty of the commercial property structure. There’s no rule that you should follow when it comes to designing the office space. Let Broedell landscaping show you what is possible in your commercial area. Commercial and HOA curb appeal is very important to Broedell landscapingThe best Florida landscapers know full well how workers' productivity is enhanced by maximizing the natural elements of the environment. For example, an employee with a good view of the trees and flowers outside the window is much more productive compared to somebody stuck in his cubicle. If the layout doesn’t allow for such luxury, indoor plants can also be utilized to achieve the same results.

Affordable Apartment Lawn Service in West Palm Beach, Florida

The cost of an HOA lawn service will vary depending on the size of the property. Affordable HOA services is not a dream. Call us so we can talk about your property.
  • Commercial Lawn Maintenance
  • Commercial Landscape Design
  • Commercial Irrigation Systems Installed
  • Pest Control Maintenance
  • Concrete Edging
  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Property landscape lighting
  • Commercial Debris Removal
  • Creating Your Microclimate in Commercial Landscaping

    Broedell’s professional HOA and commercial landscape design to maximize your property's plants to accurate your property's assets. Make sure to maximize your lawn’s plantings for design exposure. Also minimize sun for the perfect amount of sun and water for your flower beds Broedell’s Florida landscape, will help shape your microclimate.Commercial and HOA Landscape Debris RemovalThe microclimate refers to the immediate atmosphere surrounding your building or home. Regardless of whether you live in a dry or humid state, effective landscape design will ensure that you don’t get the full impact of the high temperature. The type of microclimate you have will also have a direct effect on whether or not flower beds and other plants will survive on your property.

    Industrial Center Lawn Service in landscape specialists West Palm Beach, Florida

    Our Commercial Lawn Service will make sure your lawn is cut every week, at very minimal costs. They will also treat your lawns to prevent weeds from overgrowing. Lawn maintenance, done on regular periods that includes bushes and hedges, yard fertilization monthly replacement of plants, sod installation, Sprinkler Irrigation Services, Lawn and garden irrigation services, land leveling and drainage routing, and anything else your lawn needs.

    We strive to keep you happy, and it shows in our work.

    Shopping Center Lawn Service in West Palm Beach, Florida

    Broedell Landscaping Commercial and HOA ServicesFor shopping centers, the landscape is your showcase that will add value to the whole experience. A well-manicured lawn or healthy green will also serve as a compelling backdrop for shoppers to do their “selfies.” With the ever-present use of social media, your property will effectively have your army of walking advertisers. That post their photos on your commercial property lawn outside the shopping center. And post in on their Facebook or Instagram. Keeping your Center full of happy tenants wanting to have their stores in your shopping centers.

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