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Who is Broedell Landscape? We specialize as is a residential and commercial grass cutting services in Palm Beach. We take pride in the care of your yard and ensure it always looks great so you don’t have to. Commercial Landscaping is our specialty here at Broedell Landscaping. If you own a commercial property, it’s always business at the start and at the end of the day. Having a great landscape design is one of the best ways you can attract customers, and keep them. Broedell Landscaping is pros when it comes to beautifying commercial lawns and keeping them healthy, too. We have close to twenty years of making our clients smile with our affordable but exceptional landscaping artworks that communicate, designs that deliver the right message to customers.

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Why Choose Broedell Landscape?

Large landscaping companies in West Palm Beach, Fl are numerous, so you will have plenty of choices when it comes to yard development, renovation, and maintenance. Why choose Broedell, then? For one thing, we are fully insured and licensed, and we never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, even if it is just a simple yard maintenance job. We can safely say to have the architectural edge when it comes to experience and technology, too. And unlike other companies out there, we offer our clients a more personal approach. Every landscape is unique, but so are the needs of every client. The challenge for us it takes both of these into consideration when planning a landscaping design so that we can deliver the right landscaping services to your utmost satisfaction, whether they are for a residential property or commercial area. We are:
  • Trusted
  • Reliable
  • Professional
  • Experienced
  • Courteous
Broedell’s Commercial landscape designs, as we see them, are a means of communicating with your clients, both current and potential. This, our pros understand very well. This is why we make designs that are not only aesthetically appealing but which also convey the right message. If you are operating a hospital or a spa business, for instance, our landscaping team will create a design which features greenery and flower beds or something else that is therapeutic or soothing to the senses. For unconventional businesses, we will come out with a great landscape design that is simple or uncomplicated. We can give you the guarantee that whatever your type of business is, we can craft an artwork that meets your needs. We make sure to stay updated of the trends in the world of landscaping so that we can offer guarantees not many companies in Palm Beach, Fl can. No Project is too big or too small.

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Commercial Landscape Company Broedell Landacaping

Professional Design Landscaping

Hospital landscaping

Is one of the areas we are very particular about. We do not just design gardens, we maintain them, too. We encourage regular yard maintenance because we know how gardens can encourage healing, and we must capitalize on the landscaping elements to achieve this end. When landscaping hospitals, we use a lot of greens because green is relaxing and this is exactly what we want the patients to feel. We usually add waterfalls or fountains to the healing garden, too, in order to invite good vibes and healing. Of course, we always consider the safety and comfort of the patients in the overall design. So we make sure the walkways are wide enough and free from distracting elements. Here at Broedell Landscaping, we care about our clients and our clients’ clients.

Industrial Center lawn service

Another service we provide in Palm Beach County to prove that we are sensitive to the needs of our clients’ and our clients’ clients. We know how important it is to have your industrial facility well-maintained, and we will help you with this, whatever the season is. You do not have to wait for spring to start needing our services at all. Do not compromise the safety of the people you serve, the individuals who visit your Office every day or occasionally, or the shoppers who come by to relax, shop or dine. Feel free to request our lawn mowing services, snow removal, sod installation, land leveling and drainage routing, and a host of many others. As your landscaping pros, we can do anything and everything to your heart’s content, including landscaping school campuses.

Public & Private School Landscaping

A job best left in the care of experts, and we have the pros you need at Broedell in Palm Beach County. Campus landscaping must serve a purpose, and in this case, the purpose is to create a learning atmosphere that is fun at the same time. Green leafs and flower beds are featured again because students will want to stare at something green to relax their tired eyes, whether it is in the middle of the day or at the end. We can pool our resources, brainstorm together, and work for hand in hand so that not only the school benefits but also the students it serves.
  • Lawn Service

  • Bush and Hedge Service

  • Fire Ant Containment

  • Yard Spraying

  • Yard Fertilization

  • Yard Maintenance

  • Monthly Replacement Plants

  • Sod Installation

  • Sprinkler Irrigation Services

  • Lawn and Garden Irrigation Systems

  • Great Landscape Design

  • Landscape Design implementation

  • Land leveling and Drainage routing

  • AND MORE! Don't see it? Ask! We strive for happy customers!

Broedell’s Commercial landscape ideas are practically limitless, but as champions in landscape design implementation, we can make anything work according to your needs and budget. Remember, if it has anything to do with yards, we can do it without question. Call our experts at Broedell landscaping for more information or if you want to book our services. Alternatively, simply head on over to our website to get a lawn quote for free! It will give us great pleasure to work on your lawn. Let’s talk!  Commercial and HOA Preferred Landscaper  We operate throughout the Palm Beaches, Jupiter, Tequesta, Lake Worth, Boca Raton and more!  Call us to talk to an expert right now. 561-307-9411