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Turf Grass Installation

Turf Grass Installation can increase the value of your property will boost revenue and increase by thousands of dollars. Commercial building, restaurants, HOA apartment buildings or residential homes. A healthy lawn can improve the curb appeal of any building. Inviting your customers and tenants, customers and neighbors with an eye-pleasing experience.

Sod Installation Services

How to choose the right sod Simplified.

  1. Choose the right sod for Grass installation- Choosing the best sod for your property is the first step to a beautiful lawn. We choose that by your ability to care for your lawn as well as the environment, irrigation, and sunlight. With so many different kinds of sod types, we have the experience to make this process painless for the client.
  2. Prep the property before the sod is installed- We take care of killing and all the removal of the existing lawn and removing weeds. Sods like Torpedo and Bermuda will come back quickly if not cleaned properly. Clearing and leveling the property with our grading equipment will provide the professional graded landscape.
  3. Provide or check the irrigation system-It is essential to get the proper amount of water on your lawn for without water and in this hot Florida sun, your lawn grass will die. We make sure the irrigation system is working and getting complete coverage prior to turf installation.
  4. We work with other companies closely to get the jobs are done on time and under budget.

Lawn Project Manager

Our project manager works with other company’s closely to assure the project is on time and on budget and the longevity of your new turf. Sod for Sale - Learn more about our sod grass Sod companies will sell you grass but what kind is best for you and your needs. Broedell Sod experts can help by answering all your questions and together come up with the best grass for your property. When we see your property and the demands you put on your lawn we will be able to advise you which one to have installed by the Broedell team.

Zoysia Sod

High-end lawns that will grow slower, Very wear resistant and is very adaptable to a variety of soils. Thick dense coverage. Also known as Empire sod, & Jamur sod. Needs lawn fertilizer monthly by minimal watering and mowing. St Augustine Sod is dark green dense coverage but the course in texture is good for the Florida climate for it has a high salt tolerance. St Augustine gowns well in shady areas of your lawn too. Varieties are Bitterblue, Floratam, Captiva, Palmetto, Seville and Sapphire.

Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf is not organic, it’s synthetic grass. Also known as artificial turf or Astroturf- Can be a solution to lots of high traffic areas or uncooperative weather. Looks natural and green all year long. Installed in playgrounds and yards. Tropical landscape, Dog parks, golf courses, driving ranges, putting greens and football fields for its known as long lasting where normal grass would not stand up to the beating of high traffic. And the best part no maintenance.

Centipede Turf

Very popular sod is ultra-low maintenance. This light green sod goes dormant in the drought, and fair in shady areas. Light green color has problems with root rot and does not do well in high traffic areas. Argentine Bahia Sod. Has a natural tolerance to insects, drought a, d heat. This lawn looks full from the street and is suitable to weeds and bare spots. Argentine Bahia lawn needs very little water once established and can live off of rainwater.

Celebration Bermuda Sod

Great solution to the Bahaia sod grass for it is popular for high traffic area and does not have all the problems with the bare spots and weeds. Also known for drought resistant but grows fast and higher in maintenance. Tifway 419 Bermuda Sod. This turfgrass sod is fast growing and will need lawn service and landscape edging more than 2 times a week. But this variety of turf is excellent in high traffic areas like golf courses and sports areas.

Sod Delivery

We are able to deliver the highest quality sod directly to your business or residence. We take pride in the products we install. Our team of Broedell’s is so familiar with the climate and landscape conditions in Florida and we know just what it takes to install and maintain your beautiful lawn for years to come.
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